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"Our mission at Working Cows Dairy is to satisfy your demanding
taste buds with delicious local, organic dairy products.“

Our family is passionate about producing the highest quality dairy products. Providing delicious organic dairy products for your family is what we love to do. Our USDA certified organic milk is rich, creamy and delicious, but don't take our word for it. Give it a try.

Jan & Rinske de Jong
Co-Founders Working Cows Dairy

Jan and Rinske de Jong Organic Dairy Farmers

certified grass-fed milk

Working Cows Dairy USDA Certified Organic

Working Cows Dairy Animal Welfare Approved


Our Organic Journey

At Working Cows Dairy we are dedicated to simple values that guide us as we produce delicious organic dairy products. Our organic journey started 10 years ago when we committed to transitioning from a traditional dairy to a USDA certified organic dairy.

Our Values

Organic Dairy Georgia

Our Products

Rich, Creamy, Delicious!

Our cream-top milk is minimally processed to maintain its natural goodness and delicious flavor. You see there are all kinds of healthy bacteria living in milk. By only heating to the minimum required temperature, we are preserving as much of the bacteria as possible. Bacteria that our bodies need to stay healthy!

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