Wholesale Organic Dairy

Brothers Mendy and Ike de Jong of Working Cows Dairy
Brothers Mendy and Ike de Jong loading wholesale orders at Working Cows Dairy for delivery throughout the Southeast

Working Cows Dairy primarily distributes Pasture-Raised & Organic Dairy Products throughout the Southeastern United States. We provide the best grocery stores, cheese shops, cafes & restaurants with top-quality wholesale Grade A Milk, Cream, Butter, Gouda, and our award-winning Farmstead Cheeses.

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Our wholesale dairy products are:

  • NEVER Homogenized
  • Low-Temp Vat Pasteurized
  • Certified Grassfed by AGW
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • 100% Pasture-Raised
  • USDA Organic Certified

Wholesale Organic Milk

Our USDA Organic 2% Milk and Whole Milk are available wholesale in Gallon and Half-Gallon sizes.
Our USDA Organic Pasture-Raised Heavy Cream is available wholesale in Half-Gallon and 8 oz sizes
Our USDA Organic Chocolate Milk is available wholesale in Quarts.

Wholesale Organic Cheeses

Our Award-winning Farmstead Cheeses and Organic Gouda are made from fresh milk of cows whose entire lives are spent outdoors grazing our Certified Organic pastures in southeastern Alabama.

Wholesale Organic Grassfed Butter

Our unsalted Organic Grassfed Butter & Organic Herb Butter are made on our farm and develop a rich, complex flavor.