Aged Gouda Nettle Blend (Raw)

Aged for 1 year, this Raw Milk Gouda is infused with the citrusy flavor of nettles, rounded out with parsley, chives, onion, and garlic. Made on our family dairy farm from the milk of cows who spend their entire lives grazing our certified organic pastures. Aged Gouda keeps for weeks when properly stored, as the flavors continue to develop.

1 Pound Wedge


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Aroma: Citrus & Herbaceous
Texture: Firm
Taste: Unique lemony flavor of nettles, chives, and parsley
Pairs with: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio
Recipes: Steak Topping

Ingredients: Our USDA organic, grass-fed raw milk, culture, non-GMO vegetable rennet, non-GMO stinging nettle, parsley, chives, onion, and garlic blend.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7.25 × 4.25 × 3.5 in