Celery Blend Farmstead Cheese

Aged for over 60 days, this is our award-winning farmstead cheese flavored with an imported Dutch blend of celery, celery leaf, chives, garlic, and onion. Made from the milk of cows whose entire lives are spent outdoors grazing our certified organic pastures in southeastern Alabama. Farmstead cheese is a versatile ingredient that will keep for months when properly stored, as the flavors continue to develop.

Ingredients: Pasteurized USDA Organic grass-fed milk, culture, vegetable rennet, imported non-GMO celery, celery leaf, chive, garlic, and onion.

1 Pound Wedge


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Aroma: Sharp and Floral
Texture: Semi-Firm. Creamy and smooth.
Taste: Extra-sharp, bright, herbal, citric and lingering flavor
Pairs with: Sours, IPAs & Ciders. Sauvignon Blanc or off-dry wines like Viognier & Riesling.
Recipes: Great salad cheese! Incredible with ripe tomatoes.

This product is gluten-free and made with Certified Organic milk.

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